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"Being able to join the 10 retreat with Sasha and Ricky was such a precious experience. The teachings are brought with so much love and attention, and really helped me to live more in the here and now, to live from compassion and love. This retreat taught me to feel love and acceptance in the present moment and in myself, which is such a beautiful gift. Life is no longer something to be controlled, instead I learned to truly say yes to life. Thank you so much!"

Myrthe, the Netherlands

"I was looking at this retreat for a long time on the website before I finally decided to go and registered. I do believe you will have what you need, when you need. The retreat gave so much peace and belief for me. What I learned and experienced there is still such a strong feeling what is accompanying me also now. For me, it was not a big life-changing experience, rather seeing the same life with different glasses fully with trust in life and compassion to other people. I feel I started a journey which seems a lifelong one, and it is beautiful.


I'm pretty sure the retreat with Ricky was not the last one for me. His stillness is such a big inspiration for me. I am so grateful that my first experience with meditation was with Ricky. I couldn't imagine more gentle method how he taught us and led us from the very beginning to the last moments. I wish everybody could have the chance to be part of it."

Barbara, France

"I loved the experience there, the accommodation, the food, the love from the family that receive you with the heart very open and the most important all the learning that you got from the lovely teachers. It changed my life, they plant an amazing seed inside my heart."

Manuela, Argentina

"I did the Retreat in January 2022. It was not my first 10 day retreat, so all together I participated already around 15 retreats in different places. For me personally it was just a little bit too much theoretical input, but actually all the other participants were more or less new to meditation, so I think for them it was perfect. But even for me, the long meditation sessions were sometimes quite challenging. Sasha is a very, very warmhearted person, I really felt her deep connection to the heart. Ricky is radiating a real deep joy and clearness. Sasha and Ricky have both a very special charisma, and you feel easily that they are both not just talking about meditation, they really have a lot of own experience! They are living, what they are talking!

If you get the chance to participate in any retreat with them, just go for it! You will definitely not regret it (make sure to stay until the end of the retreat!!!)."

Guenter, Germany

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