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Thu, Sep 05



3 Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat September 2024

Join us in a 3 day immersion into the silence of the Heart.

3 Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat September 2024
3 Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat September 2024

Time & Location

Sep 05, 2024, 2:00 PM – Sep 09, 2024, 2:00 PM

Monchique, Centro Retiros Karuna, Apartado 1, 8550-000, Portugal

About the event

"I felt in need of a great pilgrimage, so I sat still for three days." - Hafiz

During this 3 day Silent Hridaya Meditation retreat we will gradually explore the foundations of meditation practice, discovering the joy of Stillness and the intimacy of the Heart.

We will combine silent meditation sessions with Hridaya Hatha Yoga practice, teachings on meditation techniques and talks on inspiring spiritual topics, which are meant to support and bring insights into the meditation practice.

In this retreat we will mainly explore the teachings of Self Inquiry, as presented by Sri Ramana Maharsi. Embarking in the quest for the Self, the fundamental question, “Who am I?” Going beyond identifications, preconceived ideas, allowing the answer to be revealed in the Silence of the Heart.

Additionally, we will unique integration of different spiritual traditions such as Advaita Vedanta (non-duality), Yoga, Sufism, Tantra, Kashmir Shaivism, or Buddhism. All these precious ancient teachings are pointing towards the essence of our being, the essence of all that is.

During this retreat, in silence and introspection, resting in the present moment, we will create favorable conditions to open ourselves to the Spiritual Heart, recognize the depth of who we are. No previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary as this retreat is designed for beginner and advanced meditators alike.

The retreat will take place in the stunning Karuna Retreat Center beautifully hidden amidst the mountains of Monchique in the Algarve region. Get to know our venue here:


The center offers twin and 3 bed shared rooms with shared bathrooms.

There is a fresh water spring on the property with delicious clean Monchique water coming right out of the mountain for you to enjoy.

Besides the stunning views over the mountains, all the way to the Atlantic ocean in the South, you will find a natural pond to take a swim in and refresh yourself during the breaks.


3 day retreat, 4 nights of acommodation, 3 vegan meals per day.


Since we would like to make the teachings of meditation available to everyone, we also offer low income discounts. Please, reach out if you are interested, so that we can evaluate if you are elegible for it.

For Registration, please click the "Register here" button and fill up the form. You will receive an email with information to secure your spot with a 103€ deposit.

Check-in and check-out:

On the first day of the retreat, checking will be between 2pm and 4pm. We will start the retreat with an orientation session at 4pm.

As for the check-out, on the last day of the retreat, we will break the silence after breakfast with a meditation of gratitude and a sharing circle. After that the retreat is officially finished. You are welcome to stay with us for lunch and leave in the afternoon if you wish.


The daily Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat schedule is split into two parts:

A morning session (07:00-13:00) and an afternoon/evening session (16:00-21:30).

07:00-09:00 Meditation:  Hridaya Meditation for the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart. This meditation will begin in smaller segments building up to one continuous, deep meditation session.

09:00-10:00 Breakfast.

10:00-11:15 Relevant lecture teaching.

11:15-12:30 Hatha Yoga.  ​

12:30-13:00 Meditation.  ​

13:00-16:00 Lunch and rest.

16:00-18:30 Meditation.  Hridaya Meditation for the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart. This meditation will begin in smaller  segments building up to one continuous, deep meditation session.

18:30-19:30 Dinner.

19:30-20:30 Question and Answer Session.

20:30-21:30 Spiritual discourse lecture and final evening meditation. (may go later depending on number of questions)

“Love says 'I am everything.' Wisdom says 'I am nothing.' Between the two, my life flows.”   ― Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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